Early Childhood Instructor I (ECI-I)

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Job Description

An Early Childhood Instructor I (ECI-I) provides direct 1:1 intervention to children with autism and/or other developmental delays. Children range in age from approximately 12 months to 12 years old. The ECI-I carries out a systematic instructional sequence planned by and under the supervision of Program Supervisors.  Specifically, the ECI-I travels to home and school sites to conduct sessions in the natural environment; conducts 1:1 teaching interactions with each child according to the lesson plans developed by Program Supervisors; collects and graphs data; interprets trends in data in relationship to the child’s progress; provides outreach services and parent education to referred families under the supervision of Program Supervisors; communicates as necessary with Program Supervisors to maintain an appropriate supply of instructional materials and to discuss the child’s progress.  An ECI-I actively participates in training assignments, attends ongoing in-service trainings, and renders time on the company database daily without reminders.



  • A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Child Development, Special Education, Education, or related field is preferred. In Coyne & Associate’s sole discretion, sixty hours of college credit and at least one year of experience working with young children may be substituted for a Bachelor’s degree, depending on the courses completed and the type of work experience.
  • Six months of experience consisting of direct work in an education setting with young children is required.
  • Work experience serving people with developmental disabilities is preferred.
  • Experience in implementing ABA-based techniques such as discrete trial teaching, natural environment teaching, data collection, differential reinforcement, shaping and prompting procedures, and errorless teaching is preferred.


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