BCBA Program Supervisor


Job Description:

A BCBA Program Supervisor provides supervision and training to employees of Coyne & Associates (C&A), school districts, and social service agencies.  The BCBA Supervisor provides direct 1:1 services to children enrolled in the C&A Program and provides training to parents.  The BCBA Supervisor observes, monitors, and provides feedback to those providing in-home and school-based services.  The BCBA Supervisor conducts educational and behavioral assessments, monitors the progress of children served, and makes recommendations about changes in the curriculum necessary to meet the children’s needs.  The BCBA Supervisor assists in the development and acquisition of instructional materials, helps develop educational and/or treatment plan goals and objectives, and writes technical reports. The BCBA supervises fieldwork of BCBAs-in-training. The BCBA reports to the Regional Director.



  • Drives to a child’s home or school, observes staff (or parents) working with the child, reviews the child’s treatment plan and the procedures designed to monitor the child’s progress, and makes adjustments to the program as required according to the child’s needs.
  • Provides direct service to children and their families.  The service may occur at home, in the community, or in a school environment.  Establishes a lesson plan for each session, reviews and analyzes data as required, tracks each child’s progress, supplies, maintains and organizes instructional materials, and develops and maintains each child’s data book.  Also provides parent training and assists parents with the design and implementation of programs in the home.
  • Collaborates within a three-tiered service delivery model for medical/governmental insurance cases by providing clinical direction to Supervisor III co-workers.
  • May be assigned to train ECIs, teachers or instructional aides in school settings.
  • May be assigned to provide supervised fieldwork to BCBAs-in-training in accordance with the BACB Experience Standards.
  • Supervises Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs).
  • May assist in the development of a student’s Individual Education Program (IEP), attend IEP meetings, and may have other duties as assigned as related to a child’s school program.
  • Completes educational and/or behavioral assessments and designs individualized treatment plans.  May be required to do the following: write reports that include a functional behavioral assessment (FBA), develop specific goals and objectives, train and monitor staff implementation of targeted goals and objectives, and make revisions to the plan as needed.
  • Supervises medical/governmental insurance cases and follows service provision guidelines.
  • Works accurately and independently to meet deadlines; completes and submits paperwork and consents in accordance with established timelines; enters schedule and renders timesheets into the database in accordance with established timelines; collects and completes timesheets; other administrative duties as assigned.
  • Assists the Regional Director in maintaining current and accurate authorizations for assigned cases.
  • Organizes administrative time efficiently and productively with respect to office visits and assigned administrative blocks.  Clinical meetings and administrative duties require 2-4 visits to the office per month depending on caseloads and scheduled meetings.
  • Provides direct 1:1 instruction to children as assigned based on the needs of the company and the children’s program.  This duty can be a regular and necessary part of the BCBA Supervisor responsibilities.