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Coyne & Associates is hiring Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) as Program Supervisors for our Early Intervention Program for Children with autism. We are also hiring for Early Childhood Instructors.

Please do not call our business office.  Correspond only by email. Please email Dr. Len Levin at if you are interested in applying for one of these positions.

Positions are available in all locations: San Diego County, Orange County and Riverside/San Bernardino County.

Early Childhood Instructor (ECI)

Job Description

Job Responsibilities: An ECI provides 1:1 tutoring to children with autism and related disorders. Children range in age from approximately 18 months to 8 years old. The ECI carries out a systematic instructional sequence planned by and under the supervision of a Program Supervisor. Conducts one-to-one sessions with the child, collects and graphs data; interprets programming in relationship to child’s progress; provides outreach services and parent training to client families under the supervision of the behavior analyst. Coordinates with the supervisor to maintain instructional materials and troubleshoot the child’s progress. Attends ongoing in-service training. Meets the standards of regular performance ratings. Travels to home and school sites and to conduct sessions in the natural environment and assist with caretaker and parent training. Logs time and activities on the company website daily.

Qualifications: A Bachelors degree is required in Psychology, Special Education, Education, or related field. The ECI will have knowledge and experience with discrete trial teaching, data collection, differential reinforcement, shaping and prompting procedures and related teaching techniques. Experience with errorless teaching is preferred.

Job Experience: Six months experience of direct work in an education setting with young children is required. Work with developmental disabilities delays is preferred.

Additional Requirements:
1) Transcript showing a college degree.

2) Individual must be in good health. Individual must be able to lift 30 pounds. During a two hour teaching session frequent bending, twisting, stooping, and kneeling is required. Current TB test must be provided.

3) Individual must be insurable as demonstrated by a current Motor Vehicle Report, current driver’s license and car insurance in applicant’s name. These records may be subject to review by the company insurance representative since the ECI is driving for the company on a daily basis.

4) Individual must submit fingerprints to the Department of Justice, State of California, to demonstrate clearance for work with children in public school settings.

5) Prior to working in the field, eighty hours of training with direct supervised fieldwork is completed under the direction of Coyne and Associates. Performance is rated and mastery is demonstrated in ABA techniques, teaching practices, professional and ethical conduct, work habits, reliable attendance and the like before the ECI is approved for assignment to a case load.

6. Resident of county where clients are served.

7. Maintain a current “Basic First Aid” card.

References: Three references are required with at least one reference from a supervisor with knowledge of the applicant’s work with children. References should substantiate that the individual can work independently in a family’s home to supervise young children.

Supervisor Early Intervention Program

Job Description:
The Supervisor of the Early Intervention Program provides supervision and training to employees of Coyne and Associates, school districts, and social service agencies. S/he observes, monitors, and provides feedback to those providing in home and school related services. She provides educational and behavioral assessments. She monitors the progress of children served. She makes recommendations about changes in the curriculum necessary to meet the child’s needs. S/he assists in the development and acquisition of instructional materials. She helps develop IFSP or IEP goals and objectives. S/he writes technical reports. S/he provides training to parents. S/he provides direct 1:1 services to children enrolled in the Coyne Program. The Supervisor receives his/her direction from the Regional Program Director and the Clinical Director.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Supervisor drives to a child’s home or school, observes staff [or parents] working with the child. S/he reviews the child’s individual program plan and the procedures designed to monitor the child’s progress. S/he makes adjustments to the program as required according to the child’s needs.

The Supervisor will provide direct service to children and their families. The service may occur at home, in the community or in a school environment. S/he establishes a lesson plan for each session, keeps data as required, tracks each child’s progress, maintains and organizes instructional materials, supplies instructional materials, develops and maintains each child’s data book. She provides parent training and assists parents with the design and implementation of programs in the home.

The Supervisor may be asked to provide training to teachers or instructional aides in school settings. S/he may be asked to assist in the development of a student’s Individual Education Program (IEP). S/he may attend IEP meetings. S/he may have other duties as assigned as related to a child’s school program.

The Supervisor will be required to complete Educational and/or Behavioral Assessments. S/he may be required to do the following: write reports that include a functional analysis of behavior, develop specific goals and objectives, design a behavior or educational program plan, train and monitor staff to implement and revise the plan as needed.

The Supervisor will be required to work accurately and independently to meet deadlines, complete paperwork and consents, enter data into the database, collect and complete
timesheets and other administrative duties as assigned.

Clinical meetings and administrative duties require 2 -4 visits to the office per month depending on caseloads and scheduled meetings. Supervisors are expected to organize their administrative time efficiently and productively with respect to office visits and assigned administrative blocks.

Based on the needs of the company and the children’s program, the supervisor is frequently assigned to the schedule to provide direct 1:1 instruction to the children. This duty can be a regular and necessary part of a supervisor’s responsibilities.


A supervisor is responsible for the oversight of children’s in-home programs and sessions are typically scheduled from 8:30 – 5:30 Monday – Friday. Supervisor meetings typically are scheduled once a month on Fridays from 12:00 – 5:00 and attendance is mandatory. Occasionally, supervisors are expected to be available for IEP meetings, parent meetings, parent workshops or agency meetings that may require a supervisor to work in the early mornings or evenings (before of after regular business hours).


The Supervisor must meet pre-established criteria that demonstrate that the employee has training and expertise in applied behavior analysis; in particular, discrete trial teaching techniques, pivotal response teaching and other naturalistic teaching techniques, small group instruction, activity embedded instruction, errorless teaching, task analysis, shaping, chaining, fading and related teaching techniques. The supervisor must have the full time equivalent of 1000 hours (25 hours a week for 40 weeks) or more of hands on training in providing ABA services directly to children with autism or other developmental delays.

The supervisor must be physically fit so that the individual can drive to and from family residences throughout the day. Also working with young children on a daily basis requires physical fitness to climb stairs in the home, to lift toy bins weighing up to 30 pounds and to bend and kneel during session to physically prompt toddlers.

The supervisor must be insurable as demonstrated by a current Motor Vehicle Report, current driver’s license and car insurance in applicant’s name. These records may be subject to review by the company insurance representative since the supervisor is driving for the company on a daily basis.

The supervisor must submit fingerprints to the Department of Justice, State of California, to demonstrate clearance for work with children in public school settings and maintain clearance according the Department of Education regulations.

The supervisor must work independently meeting deadlines, organizing time and completing assignments to a high degree of accuracy. These skills are essential in so much as the individual must work in the field with minimum oversight from his/her supervisors.

The supervisor must follow rules for entering billable hours into the database according to consumer contracts and company policies independently and accurately.

The supervisor must have a demonstrated ability to work well with others, supervise staff and communicate well with others. The supervisor must demonstrate technical writing skills and be able to write reports to the standards of Regional Center, medical insurance companies and school districts. BA in Psychology, Education or related field. MA Degree in Psychology, Education or related field preferred. A minimum of one year of experience supervising ABA programs.

The supervisor must be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  We may hire candidates who are eligible to take the national test.  Once hired the candidate will have a deadline to become a BCBA. Education, training and supervision experience should include specific training and coursework in discrete trial teaching, natural environment teaching,  data collection and other  teaching techniques related to the application of behavior analysis to children with autism.

Training and experience in Direct Instruction, Classroom Management Systems, Precision Teaching, Token Economies, PECS, and computer assisted instruction is preferred but not required for the position.


“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

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